Camping Tips

Many people live in big cities and do not have green or open areas that allow them to enjoy nature with the exception of parks. The need to get out of the city from time to time, breathe fresh air, get away from the hustle and bustle and the rhythm of life in the big city makes camping a perfect plan.

Camping can be an activity to do alone, with friends, your partner or children. If it is the first time you go camping do not worry, we accompany you on this adventure with these simple tips.


The first thing we need to do is to list the things we are going to need. Keep in mind that once there you won’t be able to go home because you left your sleeping bag.

Here is a list with the material to take to your camp.

Campaign shop

Depending on how many of you need to buy it for one size or another. You can also rent it because maybe being your first time you don’t plan to spend a lot of money buying all the material you need and you prefer to see if you like it.


Now that we have everything ready we need to know the destination, have you chosen it already?

Basically, there are four types of camping and ways to travel.

There are people who go in their camperized van, others in a motorhome, and others take the car and rent a bungalow or a plot where you can set up your tent.

Luxury camping: These plots have electricity, hot showers, children’s playrooms, computer rooms with wifi, swimming pool … You will know that it is a luxury campsite because you will see a sign with 4 tents indicating their category.

Glam camping: This type of camping combines what people who are not convinced by the idea of going camping, but neither are they looking for a 5-star hotel. They are luxurious facilities in natural spaces that attract attention both for their location and views and for the care of their details.

In this case, the glam camping is not a tent, but a kind of luxury tent with a wooden floor. Inside they have beds, tables, carpets, wooden chairs and have light. Some of them also have a porch.

Camping of 1º and 2º: The camping works the same as the stars of the hotels, the more tents they have in the poster the more services they include and the better they are. The camping of 1º and 2º tend to have a more distant location than the luxury ones and do not have a swimming pool, their facilities are simpler.

Camping of 3º

In this type of camping the facilities are much more basic and do not have as many services as the others, are much more basic.


Take advantage of this escape to the open air to take some board games and some cards and spend a pleasant time with friends and forget about your mobile.

We recommend you take an inflatable mattress instead of a mat, your back will notice.

We also recommend you bring a pillow, you will rest better.

– Find out before you book the campsite if it accepts pets and the services it includes.

Charge your car or van with plenty of bottled drinking water. Not in all places the water is drinkable. We recommend more than one litre per person/day.

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